Meet Kim

Memories once made can be lost.

The passion, creativity and ambition needed to be a successful photographer must come from a deeper spot within.  As Kim witnesses her relatives suffer through the grips of Alzheimer’s, she’s reminded how fragile a memory can be.  Thanksgiving for this profession is payed forward to the clients who step in front of her camera.  She wants to provide a lasting memory for generations to enjoy!

A photo, once taken keeps the memory alive for generations to come.

A captured memory can alter our perspective, show us an angle we never thought of, or in Kim’s case, inspire a career.  While traveling with the Girl Scouts, Kim had the opportunity to hike, capture and develop her own set of memories, “I can still remember the smell of the chemicals!”  From that early exposure her fascination led to where she is today.

Kim hails from Pasco, WA.  She currently resides in Hermiston, OR with her Husband, two boys and her many fur babies. When not taking photos, Kim enjoys her family, faith and music.

Servicing the greater Tri-Cities Area.

Kim is a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the American Society Media Photographers (ASMP).